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Friday, August 19, 2011

Week 3 Recap and Open Thread

This week presenters from the Pop Culture and Identity and Religion and Identity panels shared some of their ideas and interests:

--Dani Abulhawa blogged about skateboarding, youth culture, place--both in LA and the UK--, and much more, and included lots of great clips for further watching, here.

--Stelios Christodoulou analyzed Rocky, The Great White Hope, race and ethnicity in the world of boxing, and many related themes, once again with lots of great clips, here.

--And Melody Graulich linked Cormac McCarthy, Native American spirituality, William Faulkner, and cross-ethnic intersections on the frontier here.

As with prior weeks, the conversations happening in the Comment sections are just as interesting as those in the posts, and we invite you to continue adding to those conversations. But also feel free to use this Open Thread as a place to add your perspective on any and all related American Studies questions, texts, and ideas. Two featured panels next week, Culture and the Body and Places and Spaces. Thanks!

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