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Friday, August 5, 2011

Week 1 Recap and Open Thread

This week presenters from the War and Transnational panels got our pre-conference blogging off to a great start!

--Anne Berke blogged about Bugs Bunny fighting the Japanese here and followed up with a second cartoon and some questions here.

--Frank Usbeck blogged about German and American narratives of Native Americans, the frontier, and national identities here.

--And Lauren Tilton blogged about the National World War II museum and questions of collective memory here

Responses to those posts can still be raised in their comments. But please consider this post also an open thread in which to keep discussing these issues of war, memory, media, national identity, propaganda, images of "others," and many more besides. What do you think? What specific texts or moments or ideas or scholars can be added to these conversations? What else should we American Studiers be thinking about?

Keep the thoughts coming, and remember that next week presenters from the Religion and Identity panel will be adding their voices into these conversations!

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