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Friday, September 16, 2011

Week 7 Recap and Open Thread

A very full and engaging week here on the blog, with presenters from the Heroism, Recreating the Revolution, and West panels sharing their voices and ideas:

--Lara Kuykendall blogged about American art, painter Palmer Hayden, images of John Henry, and folk mythology here;

--Laura D'Amore blogged about gender, history, and accuracy in New England Revolutionary reenactments here;

--Lucinda Hannington blogged about maps and legends of Route 66, images of the West, and folk narratives of place here;

--Erin Eisenbarth blogged about collective memory and images of the Revolution in late 19th and early 20th century collections of George Washington memorabilia here;

--And Craig Smith blogged about competing national and multi-ethnic memories and celebrations of the Centennial in Boston here.

As always, please feel very free to return to these great posts and add your voice into the comments; this post is also an open thread for all ongoing ideas and responses and perspectives. If you want to hear and add more, you're all invited to the conference itself, a draft of the full program of which is online at www.neasa.org. And please come back here next week for posts from a panel on narratives of New England exceptionalism!

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