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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

But Why Wait?

UPDATE: The first week of official blog posts will now be the week of August 1st, and will feature posts from both the War and Transnational panels. But again, please feel free to chime in with starting points, either in comments or by sending things to my email, before then!

Seeing as the info about this blog has already gone out across the intertubes, and seeing as one central goal for this fall's conference is to get as many people as possible involved, an offer: if you have thoughts about the conference's theme ("American Mythologies: Creating, Re-creating, or Resisting National Narratives"), whether overall or in relation to particular texts, figures, issues, ideas, or etc, and would like to include them in these conversations, please feel free to email them to me (brailton@fitchburgstate.edu) and I'll post them here. (Or, if that feels too formal, feel free to share them as Comments on this post.) Help us get started on a great note!

Ben Railton
NEASA President

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